Course Syllabus for

Contact Mechanics

FHL015F, 7.5 credits

Valid from: Autumn 2015
Decided by: FN3/Per Tunestål
Date of establishment: 2015-04-09

General Information

Division: Solid Mechanics
Course type: Third-cycle course
Teaching language: English


The aim of the course is to provide knowledge on an up-to-date treatment of different formulations, algorithms and discretization techniques in contact mechanics.


Knowledge and Understanding

For a passing grade the doctoral student must

Competences and Skills

For a passing grade the doctoral student must

Judgement and Approach

For a passing grade the doctoral student must Be able to choose suitable contact formulations depending on the contact problem

Course Contents

1. Continuum mechanics background which includes the derivation of the contact constraints 2. Strong form, weak form 3. discretization of the contact problem 4. Solution techniques for systems of nonlinear equations with inequality constraints 5. One-dimensional contact problems 6. Two- and three-dimensional contact problems

Course Literature

Instruction Details

Types of instruction: Lectures, exercises

Examination Details

Examination format: Oral exam
Grading scale: Failed, pass

Admission Details

Assumed prior knowledge: nonlinear continuum mechanics, nonlinear finite element method

Further Information

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Contact and Other Information

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