Course Syllabus for

Power System Stability and Control
Elkraftsystem stabilitet och reglering

FRT270F, 7.5 credits

Valid from: Spring 2022
Decided by: Professor Thomas Johansson
Date of establishment: 2022-06-14

General Information

Division: Automatic Control
Course type: Third-cycle course
Teaching language: English


The goals of the course are is to provide knowledge and practice the ability to use classical as well as modern analysis and design methods for the control of Electric Power Systems. More specifically, by the end, students should be able to: - understand and identify key stability phenomena in power systems - understand the commonly used mathematical models of power systems - select and analyse power system models for describing said phenomena - understand how to implement said models on a computer - understand the basics of control system design for improving power system performance


Knowledge and Understanding

For a passing grade the doctoral student must

Competences and Skills

For a passing grade the doctoral student must

Judgement and Approach

For a passing grade the doctoral student must

Course Contents

The course will cover the following core topics on stability of electric power systems: - General Characteristics and Stability Problems in Power Systems - Synchronous Machine Modelling - AC Transmission Modelling - Optimal Power Flow - Frequency Stability - Small Signal Stability - Transient Stability - Voltage Stability

Course Literature

Kundur, P.: Power System Stability and Control. McGraw-Hill Inc, 1994. ISBN 9780070359581.

Instruction Details

Types of instruction: Lectures, exercises, project, self-study literature review

Examination Details

Examination formats: Written assignments, seminars given by participants. The course will be primarily assessed based on a series of software handin assignments, in which each of the key areas of power system stability will be tested. In addition there will be a miniproject assignment, where each student will investigate one power system stability phenomenon further. They will write a report and give a group presentation on the outcome of the miniproject.
Grading scale: Failed, pass

Admission Details

Admission requirements: PhD student engineering/maths
Assumed prior knowledge: -Basic course in automatic control (FRTF05 or equivalent) -Basic course in power systems (EIEN15 or equivalent)

Course Occasion Information

Contact and Other Information

Course coordinators:
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