Course Syllabus for

Advanced Polymer Chemistry
Avancerad polymerkemi

KAS010F, 9 credits

Valid from: Spring 2018
Decided by: Margareta Sandahl
Date of establishment: 2019-12-17

General Information

Division: Centre for Analysis and Synthesis (CAS)
Course type: Third-cycle course
Teaching language: English


The course provides a deep knowledge and understanding about the physical and organic chemistry regarding polymerization reactions and polymeric materials.


Knowledge and Understanding

For a passing grade the doctoral student must be able to account for different polymerization mechanisms and relationships between polymerization conditions, macromolecular structure and molecular weight.

Competences and Skills

For a passing grade the doctoral student must be able to plan and evaluate experiments for studies of polymerization reactions and processes.

Judgement and Approach

For a passing grade the doctoral student must be able to exhaustively discuss different problems within polymer chemistry and be able to assess the usefulness of different polymerization reactions.

Course Contents

Different polymerization reactions (step-growth, chain and ring-opening polymerizations), their kinetics, thermodynamics and applicability for different polymers and materials. Relationships between kinetics and molecular weight. Complex polymer structures. Copolymerization. Stereo-selective polymerization. Chemical modification (functionalization) of polymers. Industrial processes.

Course Literature

Odian, G.: Principles of Polymerization. Wiley-Interscience, 2004. ISBN 0471274003.
Finns att tillgå elektroniskt från bibliotekets hemsida.

Instruction Details

Types of instruction: Seminars, project, self-study literature review. The teaching is carried out in the form of seminars where the course participants (after literature studies) present, describe and discuss different areas of polymer chemistry. A literature project is carried out towards the end of the course where the participants will develop a detailed experimental plan (incl risk assessment) to synthesize a given polymer or to solve a defined problem in the polymer chemistry area.

Examination Details

Examination formats: Written assignments, seminars given by participants
Grading scale: Failed, pass

Admission Details

Admission requirements: Approved course KASN25F Polymer Chemistry, or similar.
Assumed prior knowledge: Physical and organic chemistry at the basic level. Actic research within polymer chemistry/technology, or related areas.

Further Information

The course is given when at least 5 students are registered and when the teacher is available.

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Contact and Other Information

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