Course Syllabus for

Transport Phenomena in Membrane Processes
Transportfenomen i membranprocesser

KET045F, 5 credits

Valid from: Autumn 2013
Decided by: FN2/Eva Nordberg Karlsson
Date of establishment: 2013-03-13

General Information

Division: Chemical Engineering
Course type: Third-cycle course
Teaching language: Swedish


The aim of this course is to give an insight into the physical phenomena that govern the separation process in membrane plants.


Knowledge and Understanding

For a passing grade the doctoral student must

Competences and Skills

For a passing grade the doctoral student must

Judgement and Approach

For a passing grade the doctoral student must on one's own be able to design a membrane process

Course Contents

Elements that are discussed are: transport phenomena in porous media, concentration polarization, fouling and cleaning of membranes, process design, system configuration, membranes, modules and economy.

Course Literature

Jönsson, A. & Jönsson, B.: Membranprocesser.
Material produced at the Department

Instruction Details

Types of instruction: Seminars, exercises. Course material is written in swedish.

Examination Details

Examination format: Written assignments
Grading scale: Failed, pass

Admission Details

Admission requirements: Undergraduate courses in momentum, heat and mass transfer
Selection criteria: knowledge about membrane processes required in own research

Further Information

The course is given when the number of participants is > 6

Course Occasion Information

Contact and Other Information

Course coordinators:

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