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Details for Course MAM050F Advanced Methods in Aerosol Technology

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  • MAM050F
  • Temporary
Course Name
  • Advanced Methods in Aerosol Technology
Course Extent
  • 7.5
Type of Instruction
  • Third-cycle course
Administrative Information
  • 7324 (Department of Design Sciences / Ergonomics and Aerosol Technology)
  • 2021-07-01
  • Åsa Håkansson

Current Established Course Syllabus

  • The aim of the course is to provide deeper knowledge and practical experience of measurement methods and data analysis within aerosol technology.
  • The course consists of sub-blocks, each of which has a focus topic within aerosol technology, and corresponds to one week of work (i.e. 1.5 credit). The focus topic for the specific sub-blocks will vary over time and depend on what measurement and analysis methodologies that are important for the current PhD student education. Examples can be: aerosol mass spectrometry (AMS); optical particle counters; filter collection; collection of biological particles; gas analysis; OC/EC (organic vs elemental carbon). For each sub-block, the following shall be met: 1. The PhD student shall participate in a preparation lecture about the focus topic and do laboratory preparation exercises. 2. The PhD student participates actively in the laboration(s) and the analysis of the data material. The PhD student writes a laboratory report that is to be approved by the examiner. 3. The PhD student discusses the laboratory exercise and the focus topic in the group together with the course examiner. When all steps are performed for one sub-block, the student receives 1.5 credit.
Knowledge and Understanding
  • For a passing grade the doctoral student must
  • Be able to provide a detailed description of the method(s) within the focus topic
    Be able to account for the method(s) possibilities and limitations
    Demonstrate familiarity with the types of data generated by the method(s)
Competences and Skills
  • For a passing grade the doctoral student must
  • In a safe and scientifically correct way use the method(s)
    Demonstrate the ability to discuss different methods within the focus topic orally
    Demonstrate the ability of scientific analysis and synthesis and independent critical review of the choice of method and interpretation of data
Judgement and Approach
  • For a passing grade the doctoral student must
  • Demonstrate the ability to autonomously and creatively apply the methods and analyses within the focus topic to new research questions
    Demonstrate intellectual independence in assessment of the methods’ applications and data generated from the methods
    Demonstrate an understanding of the limitations of the methods
    Reflect on the value and benefits of the different methods/analyses
Types of Instruction
  • Lectures
  • Seminars
  • Laboratory exercises
  • Exercises
Examination Formats
  • Written assignments
  • Seminars given by participants
  • Failed, pass
Admission Requirements
Assumed Prior Knowledge
Selection Criteria
  • Lecture and seminar material (hand-outs, slides) and scientific articles.
Further Information
Course code
  • MAM050F
Administrative Information
  • 2022-08-29
  • Åsa Håkansson

All Established Course Syllabi

2 course syllabi.

Course code ▽ Course Name ▽ Division ▽ Established ▽ Valid from ▽ First hand in ▽ Second hand in ▽ Established ▽
MAM050F Advanced Methods in Aerosol Technology Ergonomics and Aerosol Technology 2021‑07‑01 Spring 2021 2021‑04‑13 21:44:42 2021‑04‑19 09:41:44 2021‑07‑01
MAM050F Advanced Methods in Aerosol Technology Ergonomics and Aerosol Technology 2022‑08‑29 Autumn 2022 2022‑06‑08 20:45:09 2022‑06‑08 21:37:18 2022‑08‑29

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