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Details for the Course Syllabus for Course KAS001F valid from Autumn 2016

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  • Compulsory for all graduate students at KILU and recommanded for other graduate students at KC that have experimental research or teaching. The course should give necessary knowledge to perform laboratory work in a safe manner.
  • The course consists of the following:
    -the environmental work at Chemistry Center and Lund University
    -hazards concerning chemicals
    -protection gear
    -safety regulations
    -laws and regulations for environmental safety
    -hazard evaluations
Knowledge and Understanding
  • For a passing grade the doctoral student must
  • Be able to explain environmental issues with chemical laboratory work
    Be able to explain toxicological concepts
    Be able to explain the jurisdiction for work in the chemical laboratory
    Be able to account for the safety work in their own work place
Competences and Skills
  • For a passing grade the doctoral student must
  • Perform first aid
    Be able to handle fire incidents
Judgement and Approach
  • For a passing grade the doctoral student must
  • Have an approach that leads to safe laboratory work
Types of Instruction
  • Lectures
  • Laboratory exercises
  • Exercises
  • The course consists of three different parts:
    1) Lectures.
    A number of lectures will be given on an annual basis. From these lectures, each participant choose five lectures to attend. The toxicology lecture is compulsory.

    2) Fire safety and first aid.
    This is a one day lecture and practical exercises that will be given a few times each year. This part is compulsory even if you have attended some other fire- or first aid training.

    3) General rules at Chemical center.
    You will be given a number of questions and task - where the answer can be found in the General Safety Regulations.
Examination Formats
  • Written assignments
  • Miscellaneous
  • When all three parts are finished you will pass the course.
  • Failed, pass
Admission Requirements
  • Graduate student
Assumed Prior Knowledge
  • -
Selection Criteria
  • -
  • Kemicentrums generella säkerhetsföreskrifter.
Further Information
  • The course is given continuously, i.e. you can register and start the course any time you like.
Course code
  • KAS001F
Administrative Information
  • 2017-05-09
  • Margareta Sandahl

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