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Detaljer för kursplan för kurs MIM001F giltig från och med Spring 2018

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  • The overall objective of the course is for the PhD students participating in the course to enhance their knowledge and competence on environmental policy evaluations as a potential building block of their PhD work.
  • The course comprises of 1) paper writing and running a seminar on a selected topic, 2) commenting on/reading papers covered by other students, 3) participation in the seminars run by fellow students, and 4) lectures by experts.
Kunskap och förståelse
  • För godkänd kurs skall doktoranden
  • Acquire general understanding on the key concepts related to environmental policy evaluation
    Acquire basic knowledge on some of the topical discussions pertaining to environmental policy evaluation
Färdighet och förmåga
  • För godkänd kurs skall doktoranden
  • Be able to discuss key criteria to be used for the evaluation of an environmental policy at hand
    Be able to conduct a basic evaluation of a policy instrument
    Be able to identify further information needed to conduct an environmental policy evaluation
Värderingsförmåga och förhållningssätt
  • För godkänd kurs skall doktoranden
  • Be aware of critical aspects (e.g. strength and limitations) of methodological approaches/frameworks pertaining to some of the main policy evaluation approaches
  • Föreläsningar
  • Seminarier
  • Projekt
  • Concrete components of the course are outlined below.
    - Introductory lecture
    - Write a paper of 6-10 pages which includes a brief review of policy evaluation approaches, further elaboration of existing works on one of the policy evaluation concepts/approaches/methods as provided by the course coordinator, and an evaluation of a chosen policy instrument using the selected concept/approach/method
    - Review and comment on fellow students’ papers (2 per student) + read other papers
    - Seminar preparation
    - Seminars provided by the students
    - Lectures by a few experts
  • Inlämningsuppgifter
  • Seminarieföredrag av deltagarna
  • In order to pass the course, it is mandatory for participants to have completed all learning activities and completed and passed all the assignments in the course (i.e. paper writing, review and comment papers of two fellow participants, read other papers, and provision of a seminar for your fellow participants on the topic you wrote your paper).
  • Underkänd, godkänd
  • The course is open to PhD candidates at the IIIEE and LUCSUS (Lund University Centre for Sustainability Studies) on a first come, first served basis with a cap of 12 students. Interested participants should contact the course coordinator, Naoko Tojo (
Förutsatta förkunskaper
  • Linnér, Björn-Ola, Mickwitz, Per & Román, M.: Reducing greenhouse gas emissions through development policies: a framework for analysing policy interventions. Climate and Development, 4, 2, 175-186. 2012.
    Mickwitz, P.: Policy Evaluation, in A. Jordan & C. Adelle (eds.) Environmental Policy in the EU. Actors, institutions and process (3rd ed).. London: Routledge., 2013.
    Mickwitz, P.: A Framework for Evaluating Environmental Policy Instruments.. SAGE Publications, London, Thousand Oaks and New Delhi., 2003.
    Haug, C., Rayner, T., Jordan, A., Hildingsson, R., Stripple, J., Monni, S., Huitema, D., Massey, E., Asselt, van, H., Berkhout & F.: Navigating the dilemmas of climate policy in Europe: evidence from policy evaluation studies. Climatic Change 101, 427–445.. 2010.
    Vedung, E.: Public Policy and Program Evaluation.. Transaction Publishers., 2009.
  • In addition to the suggested literature listed, reading materials for the paper writing are to be collected by the students themselves.
Övrig information
  • MIM001F
Administrativ information
  •  -12-12
  • Cintia Bertacchi Uvo

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MIM001F Environmental Policy Evaluation International Institute for Industrial Environmental Economics 2017‑12‑21 Spring 2018 2018‑01‑22 2018‑05‑31 2017‑12‑21
MIM001F Environmental Policy Evaluation International Institute for Industrial Environmental Economics Spring 2018 2020‑01‑22 2020‑05‑29

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