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Programmer Experience Centric Methods for Designing Languages and Tools
Metodik för design av språk och verktyg som fokuserar på programmerarens upplevelser

EDA075F, 7.5 credits

Valid from: Autumn 2021
Decided by: Professor Thomas Johansson
Date of establishment: 2021-06-24

General Information

Division: Computer Science (LTH)
Course type: Third-cycle course
Teaching language: English


The overall goal of the course is to enable students to critically reflect on programmer experience research published at venues such as the Programming Experience workshop, the Psychology of Programming Interest Group and the PLATEAU workshop.


Knowledge and Understanding

For a passing grade the doctoral student must

Competences and Skills

For a passing grade the doctoral student must

Judgement and Approach

For a passing grade the doctoral student must

Course Contents

Core aspects of HCI theory necessary to follow the material in the course. History of the study of programming from the perspective of the programmer. Range of methods that have historically been used and how they have influenced the design of programming systems. Strengths and limitations of the existing methods for the study of programming. State of the art of PX research research. How to present PX research.

Course Literature

The course will use research papers.

Instruction Details

Types of instruction: Lectures, seminars, exercises, project

Examination Details

Examination formats: Written report, written assignments
Grading scale: Failed, pass

Admission Details

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Contact and Other Information

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