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Details for the Course Syllabus for Course FRT155F valid from Spring 2016

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  • The aim of the course is to learn basic and advanced methods for control system synthesis. The PhD student should gain hands-on experience of several of the most important control design methods that have been developed within the history of control theory.
  • Control system design - a perspective. Requirements and fundamental limitations. Loopshaping. QFT design. Pole placement. PID design. Bottom-up design. Interaction. LQG design. Robust control, H-infinity synthesis, Glover-McFarlane.
    Model predictive control. Iterative learning control. Gain scheduling and adaptive control.
Knowledge and Understanding
  • For a passing grade the doctoral student must
  • know and understand simple and advanced methods for control system synthesis
    know how to define control system requirements
    know the fundamental limitations of what can be achieved by feedback control
    understand how model uncertainty impacts control performance and know suitable control methods for systems with significant uncertainty
    know different architectures and design principles for larger control systems
    know how control systems can learn from measurements and successively improve their performance and adapt to changes
Competences and Skills
  • For a passing grade the doctoral student must
  • be able to analyze, design and implement a control system using suitable methods
    be able to use numerical software (e.g. Matlab) to solve advanced synthesis problems
Judgement and Approach
  • For a passing grade the doctoral student must
Types of Instruction
  • Lectures
  • Exercises
  • Miscellaneous
  • Some of the lectures consist of short presentations given by the participants.
Examination Formats
  • Written assignments
  • Seminars given by participants
  • Miscellaneous
  • Individual exercises and handins, some in form of control design challenges.
  • Failed, pass
Admission Requirements
Assumed Prior Knowledge
  • Knowledge corresponding to a basic course in control theory.
Selection Criteria
  • Lecture slides and hand-out material.
Further Information
Course code
  • FRT155F
Administrative Information
  •  -10-28
  • Professor Thomas Johansson

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